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THE OMEN (2006)


The Vatican Observatory discovers the meeting of three comets and the they feared the devils son's birth. The godson of American president Mr Thron(Liev Schreiber) informed by a father that his wife Katherine(Julia Stiles) lost their child during maternity, he also said she won't be able to become a mother one more time. Thron was very upset and a child was her everything. The father told that she didn't know that her child was dead. Father told him about a child whose mother dead while giving birth give Katherine that child as their child. Thron for his wife's happy he did .

Thron and Katherine named that child as Damien(Seamus Davey Fitzpatrick) and lived a happy life . Few years later Thron appointed as the Ambassador To England due to the accidental death of Ambassador Steven.

On the birthday of Damien his nanny commits suicide and the whole party went to shock. One day Father Brennan(Pete Postlathewaite) meets Thron at his office and he said he knew about Damien and he is devils son ,kills everybody close to Thron. To rescue everyone from Damien he has to work. He also added that the Damiens actual mother was a jackal. This made Thron angry and asked security to sent the Father outside.

Mrs Baylock(Mia Farrow) joins into the family as the nanny of Damien . She takes more freedom in house in matter with Damien . Katherine got something scared about Damien as he is different.

In a party again Father Brennan comes to Thron and tells that Katherine will die if he not meets at a bridge.Katherine now a days got feared with Damien, she dreams that something bad will happen to her.

Thron meets Father there father tell that Damien is Devils son and he will kill all his inheritance. Father said Katherine is pregnant and Damien won't allow that child to be born. So he will kill both child and Katherine .Father tells him to go to Town Megiddo and meet Bugenhagan(Michael Gambon) to kill Damien. After leaving Thorn, Father dies at Bazare.

Katherine informs Thron that she is pregnant and she do not wants any other children but Thron opposes her. Suddenly Thron gets Email about Father Brennan's death. When Thron was on a meeting Damien push her down to fall from height. She seriously injured and admitted to hospital.

A photographer named Keith Jennings( David Tewlis) calls Thron to talk about the mystery and they went to Megiddo to meet Bugenhagan, At this time Thron confirmed that Damien is a Devil and will kill everyone. During their jurney Damien kill Katherine. Keith and Thron meets Bugenhagan and learns how the boy to be killed .

TITLE :        The Omen

YEAR :         2006

GENRE:        Horror ,Mystery, Thriller

RUN TIME:  1:45:18

AUDIO:        MP3 48000Hz 112 kb/s CBR (2 chnls)

LANGUAGE:  English

VIDEO:    701 kbps XviD 23.976 FPS

RESOLUTION: 640 x 256

SIZE: 701.70 MB

RELEASE DATE : 06/06/2006


Liev Schreiber - Robert Thorn
Julia Stiles - Katherine Thorn
Giovanni Lombardo Radice - Father Spiletto
Seamus Davey Fitzpatrick- Damien Thorn
Keith Jennings - David Tewlis
Mia Farrow - Mrs Baylock
Pete Postlathewaite - Father Brennan
Michael Gambon - Bugenhagan

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